Benefits of Aluminum: What You Should Know

Aluminum is a versatile, naturally occurring metal that’s characterized by a silvery-white color and soft texture. In terms of abundance, it’s the third most common element in the Earth’s crust (oxygen and silicon being #1 and #2 respectively). Furthermore, roughly … Read More

So what is a fastener anyway? Just a bolt right?

Bet you don’t think about fasteners very often, but they play a vital role in our everyday life.  They hold your table together, and the chairs we sit on as well as the cars we drive and just about everything … Read More

German Auto Parts Supplier to Open First Factory in US

One of Germany’s leading auto suppliers has announced plans to build its first North American manufacturing plant. Gerhardi Kuntstofftechnik made the announcement earlier this week, saying it plans to invest nearly $40 million into building a manufacturing facility in Montgomery, … Read More

Fasteners Inc Denver

Need help to find just the right fastener?  Established in 1965, Fasteners, Inc. has an inventory over 30,000 items.  Located in Denver, Fastener’s Inc. is the industrial distributor for the Huck Fastening System including, Magna-Bulb, Magna-Lok, Magna-Grip, BOM, C6L, C50L, … Read More

Study Reveals Ideal Workplace Temperature

At what temperature is your workplace’s thermostat set? It may sound insignificant, but there’s new evidence suggesting that the temperature of a workplace will affect workers’ productivity. Researchers from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad found that workers are more … Read More

American Manufacturing Experiences Strong Growth in June

June was a great month for U.S. manufacturing, with the industry reporting strong growth amidst concerns by investors. According to a report published by the Institute for Supply Management, the country’s manufacturing index increased from 51.3 in May to a … Read More

Fastener Stores Grand Junction

For over 50 years the professionals at Fastener’s Inc. have been the industry leader for Huck Fastening Systems and hard to find fasteners. We carry a large supply of fastening products and systems perfect for just about every job. If … Read More