What Are Ball Plug Gages?

Ball plug gages are commonly used with many industrial machines. You can find them on lathes, milling machines, computer-numerical controlled (CNC) machines and more. As shown in the adjacent photo, ball plug gages feature a relatively simple. They essentially consist … Read More

The Difference Between Austenitic and Ferritic Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the world’s most commonly used materials. Consisting of iron, chromium and carbon, it’s found in everything from screws and bolts to automobiles, rockets, bridges, railroads and more. While all stainless steel contains these three elements, … Read More

Adjustable Glides for Leveling Feet

Have you come across leveling feet with adjustable glides? They are commonly used on chairs, desks, chests of drawers, recliners and other types of furniture. Not all leveling feet have adjustable glides, though. Rather, many of them consist of a … Read More

What Is a Music Wire Spring?

Have you come across music wire springs? If so, you might be wondering how they differ from other types of springs. Music wire springs are devices that are used to store mechanical energy. You can find them in a variety … Read More

What Are Detent Position Hinges?

Hinges are a common component used doors, cabinets and other types of furniture. Consisting of a mechanical bearing — typically with two leafs, a knuckle and a pin — they are designed to offer a limited angle of rotation when … Read More

Monroe Supported School Gets a Visit From Gov. DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a news conference at Eau Gallie High School asking the State Legislature to approve the use of $75 million in federal funds to support what he’s dubbed the “Get There Faster” initiative, aimed at boosting … Read More

Employee Of The Month Bill Ryan!

Congratulations Bill Ryan on being Employee Of The Month for February 2021. NominationBill has been a key part of our purchasing innovation team.  He is always engaged in the meetings & looking for ways to improve our One Monroe model.  … Read More