Employee Of The Month: Sam Hecht

Congratulations Sam Hecht on being Employee Of The Month for June 2021 Sam joined the Monroe team on 7/21/20. We brought him in to help our Warsaw store that was struggling from a lack of leadership.  In the last year … Read More

What Is a Gate Hinge and How Does It Work?

When exploring some of the different types of hinges, you may encounter gate hinges. They are commonly used to connect gates to a post or wall. Gates, of course, operate in a similar way as doors. You can swing them … Read More

An Introduction to Passivation in Metalworking

Metal parts and components are often processed to protect against corrosion. While there are different types of corrosion-inhibiting processes in metalworking, one of the most common is passivation. It’s used with a variety of different metals and alloys, including aluminum, … Read More

How Does Electrical Grounding Work?

Electrical wiring applications often require grounding. Most automobiles and airplanes, for example, are designed with grounding. It’s an essential safety mechanism that protects against arching, which could otherwise cause fires or injuries. What is electrical grounding exactly, and how does … Read More

The Top 4 Manufacturing Processes for O-Rings

O-rings are a common component of many machines. Consisting of ring-shaped seals made of an elastomer, they are designed to prevent fluids and gases from leaking around mating surfaces. Mating surfaces are the areas where two or more passages meet. … Read More

The 4 Primary Slotted Drive Types for Fasteners

When shopping for fasteners, you’ll need to consider the drive type. Different fasteners have different drive types. The drive type, of course, refers to the shape of the recess within a fastener’s head. You’ll have to place a tool inside … Read More

What Is a Demagnetizer and How Does It Work?

Magnets are used for many manufacturing-related processes. There are material handling magnets, for example, that live up to their namesake by lifting and moving materials. There are also magnets in tools. Many screwdrivers use magnets to help secure the bit … Read More