Eliminate Workpiece Slippage With Toggle Pads

Not all workpieces have flat, even surfaces. Regardless of the material from which they are made, you may encounter workpieces with uneven surfaces. Unfortunately, securing them in place can be difficult. Even if you use a high-quality toggle clamp, the … Read More

Employee of the Month: Michelle Pages

Congratulations Michelle Pages on being Employee of the Month for November 2022! Nomination Michelle started in December of 2021 and had some big shoes to fill as she was replacing someone retiring after 15+ years of working with the company. … Read More

5 Facts About Yoke Ends

Yoke ends offer a simple and effective rigging solution for cables. Rather than connecting a cable to a traditional fastener, such as a plain eyebolt, you can connect it to a yoke end. Yoke ends are used in many lifting … Read More

How Do Self-Forming Screws Work? Get the Facts

Not all screws require a predrilled hole with internal mating threads. Some of them are capable of creating their own mating threads. Known as self-tapping screws, they are commonly used in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies can quickly assemble parts … Read More

How to Choose Fine Screw Adjusters

Fine screw adjusters offer a convenient alternative to reduction-geared adjusters. Consisting of small rods with a high threads per inch (TPI) count, you can use them to fine-tune machines and equipment. Fine screw adjusters make it easy to perform adjustments … Read More

How Do Bolt Type Anchor Shackles Work?

Hoists require special anchors, such as bolt type anchor shackles. These anchors are designed specifically for hoists. You can attach them to loads. You can then connect the hoist to the anchors via a cable. Bolt type anchor shackles are … Read More

Magnetic Catches: What Is Pull Force and Why Does It Matter?

When building cabinets, you may want to use magnetic catches. They are magnetic latching mechanisms that will hold cabinet doors closed. Without them, the doors may not close completely. Some of the doors may remain slightly open. You can use … Read More