Employee of the Month: Elton Davis

Congratulations Elton Davis on being Employe of the Month for February 2023 Nomination During the course of more than two decades, Elton Davis has been employed at Lyn-Tron. During the course of twenty+ years, he has never missed a beat … Read More

How to Choose the Right Flat Springs

Shopping for flat springs can be daunting. Unlike mechanical springs, they don’t feature a traditional coiled design. Flat springs can still store mechanical energy, but they feature a flat design. Flat springs are manufactured from flat stock. As shown in … Read More

6 Common Materials Used for Rod Ends

From steering links and tie rods to control ends and more, rod ends are used in a variety of applications. Also known as Heim Joints, they are mechanical joints consisting of a shank and bearing. Like with other mechanical joints, … Read More

6 Common Types of Leveling Feet You Need to Know

Leveling feet are commonly used on machines, equipment and furniture. Also known as leveling mounts, they are adjustable pads. You can mount them on the bottom of machines, equipment and furniture. When properly adjusted, they will level the object on … Read More

Rope Rings: A Versatile Tie-Down Solution

For a quick and effective tie-down solution, look no further than a rope ring. They are commonly used to secure loads. You can mount a rope ring on a safe, supportive structure. Once mounted, you can connect a rope or … Read More

5 Benefits of Using a Lifting Magnet

If you regularly lift heavy objects while working, you may want to invest in a lifting magnet. Lifting magnets are devices that leverage a powerful magnet to pick up and lift objects made of a ferromagnetic material. What are the … Read More

Wood Screws vs Hex Lag Screws: What’s the Difference?

When shopping for fasteners, you may come across wood screws and hex lag screws. They are commonly used in carpentry and other woodworking applications. They both feature a sharp tip, and they are both designed for use with wooden objects. … Read More