What Are Technopolymers and What Are They Used For?

Have you heard of technopolymers? Based on the name alone, you may assume that they are plastics. Polymers are typically plastics that are characterized by linked chains of chemical molecules. Technopolymers, however, aren’t ordinary plastics. They are a special type … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Omni Wheels

Have you heard of omni wheels? Short for omni-directional wheels, they are commonly used as an alternative to casters. Most casters use traditional swivel-mount wheels. Omni wheels use a different design without swivel-mount wheels. Omni wheels feature small rollers embedded … Read More

Employee Of The Month: Andy Polowski

Congratulations Andy Polowski on being Employee Of The Month for July 2021 Nomination Andy is a positive, hard-working teammate who loves Monroe and cares about our success. Andy has been with Monroe since 2004. Throughout the years, Monroe has experienced … Read More

What Are Split Washers?

Washers are commonly used with bolts and nuts. Consisting of a disk-shaped piece of metal, they are designed to distribute the load of a bolt. You can place a washer around a bolt, after which you can drive the bolt … Read More

An Introduction to Stereolithography (SLA)

3D printing has evolved over the years. In addition to fused filament fabrication (FFF), there are now other technologies used to build three-dimensional objects from raw materials. Stereolithography is one such alternative 3D printing technology. Like FFF, it involves the … Read More

What Is a Membrane Switch?

Switches play an important role in nearly all electronic devices. From manufacturing equipment and vehicles to lamps, smartphones and more, most electronic devices feature one or more switches. Not all switches are designed the same, however. There are membrane switches … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Wing Knobs

Wing knobs offer a simple and ergonomic fastening solution for machinery, furniture and other objects. They are known as “wing knobs” because they have a wing-like gripping surface. Like wing nuts, wing knobs are affixed with a perpendicular gripping surface … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Compression Springs

Of all the different types of springs, compression is the most common. They consist of a single piece of coiled metal in a helical shape. They are known as “compression springs” because they apply a compressive force. Even if you’ve … Read More

The Antimicrobial Properties of Silver

Silver doesn’t just offer a lustrous and shiny appearance; it has antimicrobial properties that protect it from bacteria, fungi and viruses. You can often find pull handles, hinges and other objects made of silver for this very reason. With a … Read More