What Is a Clevis Fastener?

When you think of fasteners, you’ll probably envision traditional types like screws and bolts. For centuries, screws and bolts have been used to join objects and surfaces. There are other types of fasteners available, however, one of which is the … Read More

How Does a Spring Pin Work?

Also known as a roll pin, a spring pin is a type of fastener that’s used to join two or more machine components. They are called “spring pins” because they contain a spring that expands upon insertion. What’s perplexing about … Read More

What is a Spring Plunger?

A spring plunger, also known as a spring-loaded device (SLD), is a small and narrow device that’s used for indexing and positioning of various components. Once installed, it  applies adequate pressure so the ball or nose remains positioned. To learn … Read More