What Is Resin Casting?

Casting is a common manufacturing process that involves pouring liquid material — usually material that’s been preheated — into a mold cavity. As the liquid material cools, it hardens to create a new object in the shape of the mold. … Read More

5 Fast Facts About Plasma Arc Welding

While shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) is the most common type of welding process, there are other welding processes available, including plasma arc. As the name suggests, it involves the use of a plasma-based welding torch. Plasma arc welding still … Read More

How Metal Etching Works

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What Is Stud Welding?

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6 Common Types of Screws

Characterized by the presence of helical threading around a long shaft, screws are the world’s most common fastener. When two or more solid objects require joining, screws are often used. They offer an easy and effective solution for joining multiple … Read More

Horizontal vs Vertical Milling: What’s the Difference?

Milling is a common machining process that involves the use of a machine, known as a milling machine, to remove material from a stationary workpiece using a rotating cutting tool. With milling, the workpiece remains stationary, whereas the cutting tool … Read More

The Science Behind Ultrasonic Welding

Not all welding processes involve the use of an electric arc. While arc welding is certainly popular in the manufacturing and construction industries, there are welding processes available, including ultrasonic welding. Unlike arc welding, ultrasonic welding doesn’t use electricity to … Read More