Huck Fastening Systems Denver

Fasteners, Inc. is your source in Denver, Omaha and Grand Junction for the Huck fastening systems including Magna-Grip, Magna-Bulb, Magna-Lok, C6L, C50L, BOM, Huck automatic rivets and Huck Industrial Tooling. We have the largest selection of Huck fastening systems around and you are sure … Read More

Fastener Supplier Denver

Fasteners Inc is the best all purpose fastener supplier in Denver, with over thirty thousand items in stock so you won’t have to wait for your nuts, bolts, rivets or other fasteners to come in from the manufacturer. As a fastener supplier dealing direct … Read More

Manufacturer Fastener Supply Denver

Fasteners Inc is your number one direct from manufacturer fastener supply resource in Denver. We keep over thirty thousand individual items in stock that we have purchased direct from the manufacturers to supply you with the fasteners you need right away at the best … Read More

Fastening Equipment in Denver

There is one place to get absolutely all of the fastening equipment in Denver that you could ever need, and that is Fasteners, Inc.  With thousands of different choices and tons of experience in matching the right fastener to every job, whatever you … Read More

Huck Fastening Systems Dealer in Denver

Huck Fastening Systems set the standard for products that provide strength and stability even in the face of stress and vibration,  and they have continued to raise that standard for over 60 years.  That’s why Fasteners, Inc is exceptionally pleased to be an … Read More

Fasteners Denver

For any and all types of fasteners in Denver, Fasteners, Inc has been providing everything that you could possibly want since 1965. We are a licensed distributor of many of the top brands of fasteners, including the Huck system, Gesipa, and tons of other fastener … Read More

Rivet Systems Denver

Not only are we the leader in fastening systems in Denver but we are also a leader in rivet systems too! At Fasteners, Inc. we care that our clients receive the absolute best quality and selection of fastening and rivet systems available; we … Read More