Employee of the Month: Tim Barbeau

Congratulations to Tim Barbeau on being Employee of the Month for July 2023 Nomination Tim has always been an excellent employee and crucial for keeping things running around here. In our production process, every part we make needs to be … Read More

Carriage Bolts vs Timber Bolts: What’s the Difference?

When most people think of fasteners, they envision bolts. Bolts feature external threading that attaches to external threading. You can secure two or more parts together by driving a bolt through them. To prevent the bolt from falling out, you … Read More

What Is a Bolt Type Anchor Shackle?

Bolt type anchor shackles are commonly used in rigging and lifting applications. Also known simply as bolt shackles, they feature a bolt that’s secured with a pin. You can use a bolt type anchor shackle to lift or pull heavy … Read More

How to Choose the Right Plastic Handwheel

Industrial handwheels are available in a variety of materials. In addition to metals and alloys, you can find them in plastic. Plastic handwheels are used in many of the same turning-based adjustment applications as their metal and alloy counterparts. With … Read More

The 4 Types of Wing Nuts

Wing nuts offer a quick and easy way to fasten parts. Also known as butterfly nuts, they feature a pair of tabs on the side. The tabs are essentially “wings,” hence the name “wing nuts.” You can use these tabs … Read More

5 Facts About Flat Springs

Springs are available in different styles. In addition to coiled-wire styles, such as extension and compression, there are flat springs. Flat springs are able to store mechanical energy under a load — just like all other springs. Rather than featuring … Read More

Choosing the Right Wheel Bearing for Casters

You can’t ignore the bearing type when choosing casters. Whether stem or top plate, all casters have a bearing. The bearing is the assembly that connects the wheel to the axle. Without a bearing, there wouldn’t be anything to hold … Read More