What Are Rope Rings and How Do They Work?

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If you regularly use rope for recreational or work-related purposes, you may want to invest in rope rings. You can use them to create anchor points. You can also use them to guide rope. Rope rings are simple yet versatile components that can be mounted just about anywhere. What are rope rings exactly, and how do they work?

What Are Rope Rings?

Rope rings are mountable rings that are designed for use with rope. As shown in the adjacent photo, they feature a metal ring that’s attached to a mounting frame. You can run rope through the metal ring.

How Rope Rings Work

To use a rope ring, you’ll need to mount it. You can mount rope rings on the floor, ceiling, wall and even on objects. While available in different styles, most of them have two to three holes on the mounting frame.

Mounting a rope ring involves driving threaded fasteners through these holes and into the underlying surface. You can mount rope rings using screws, for instance. Just position the rope ring on the floor, ceiling, wall or object, after which you can drive a screw through each of the holes on the mounting frame.

Standard vs Recessed Rope Rings

You can find rope rings in standard and recessed styles. Both styles feature a metal ring that’s attached to a mounting frame. Recessed rope rings, however, differ from standard rope rings. As their name suggests, recessed rope rings have a recessed design. The metal ring doesn’t protrude out of the mounting frame; it’s recessed into the mounting frame, resulting in a flush appearance.

What to Look for in Rope Rings

When shopping for rope rings, don’t ignore the finish. Rope rings are available in different finishes. The finish is an outer layer that protects the rope ring from weather- and moisture-related damage. Zinc plating is a popular finish in which rope rings are made. You can use zinc-plated rope rings outdoors without fear of them rusting.

You should consider the size when choosing rope rings. Most rope rings are circular, so you can refer to their diameter to determine their size.

Of course, you should also consider the style. There are standard and recessed rope rings. For a flush appearance, recessed rope rings are the right choice. The metal ring will remain recessed in the mounting frame. Standard rope rings have a metal ring as well, but it protrudes out of the mounting frame.

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