6 Key Benefits of Electromagnets

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Not all magnets produce a permanent magnet field. There are permanent magnets, and there are temporary magnets. Electromagnets fall under the latter category. They leverage an electric current to produce a temporary magnetic field. As electricity flows through an electromagnetic, it will generate a magnetic field that attracts ferromagnetic objects. Below are six key benefits of electromagnets.

#1) Strength Control

One of the main benefits of electromagnets is strength control. By adjusting the electric current, you can control the strength of an electromagnet’s magnetic field. The greater the electric current, the stronger the magnetic field will be. Reducing the electric current, conversely, will result in a weaker magnetic field.

#2) Switched On and Off

In addition to controlling their strength, you can switch electromagnets on and off. All electromagnets require an electric current. When you switch off an electromagnet, electricity will stop flowing through it. Therefore, the electromagnet will no longer produce a magnetic field. Only electromagnets can be turned on and off. Permanent magnets live up to their namesake by producing a permanent magnetic field, which you can’t turn off, nor can you control.

#3) Lifts Heavy Loads

You can use electromagnets to lift heavy loads. Many businesses, in fact, use them specifically for lifting-related applications. Even small electromagnets can support heavy loads. Furthermore, you can easily release loads by switching off the electromagnet. Once off, the load will be released from the electromagnet.

#4) Simple Design

They may sound complex, but electromagnets feature a simple design. They have a core — typically an iron core — that’s surrounded by a coil of conductive wire. An electric current will travel through this wire. With their simple design, electromagnets are reliable. You don’t have to worry about an electromagnet breaking or otherwise failing thanks to their simple design consisting of an iron core and wire.

#5) Mountable

While there are many different types of electromagnets, many of them are mountable. They are designed with mounting holes. You can drive fasteners through these holes to mount electromagnets on lifting equipment. If you want to remove an electromagnet, you can take the fasteners out of the holes. Mountable electromagnets such as this are easy to install and equally easy to remove.

#6) Versatile

Electromagnets are versatile. They aren’t limited to lifting-related applications. Electromagnets are used in many other applications, such as power generators, motors, relays, medical devices, locks, data storage devices and more.

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