Piano Hinges

OneMonroe is ISO 9001:2015 quality certified and specializes in the manufacturing of piano hinges (also known as continuous hinges). We provide aluminum piano hinges, steel piano hinges, stainless steel piano hinges and offer piano hinges in other materials.

We have a wide variety of piano hinges in all open widths, leaf thicknesses, and lengths including heavy duty piano hinges. OneOneMonroe is ready to work with you on developing the right heavy duty hinge for your application.

OneMonroe can manufacture piano hinges to your exact specifications and will are equipped to produce special and fabricated hinges and perform such operations as hole punching, forming, offsetting, notching, countersinking, finishing and plating. Holes can be added depending on quantity requested. We also have cad available for our piano hinges and mil spec hinges). Please see our piano hinge series explanation, material type/properties or series information for additional information.

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