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We are an ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D certified manufacturer of standard & custom industrial components including : Pull Handles with Threaded Holes, Grab Handles with Threaded Studs and Round Grip, Load-Rated Pull Handles, Tube Handles with Unthreaded Through Holes, Antimicrobial Pull Handles, Offset Pull Handles, Weld-On Flip Handles, Cut-To-Length Bar Pull Handles, Folding Pull Handles, Folding Pull Handles with Mounting Plate, Recessed Folding Pull Handles with Mounting Plates, Load Rated Folding Pull Handles with Mounting Plate, Recessed Pull Handles, aluminum pull handles and many more. Stainless steel or steel metric pull handles feature include solvents, oils, greases & chemical agent resistance.

Need information on how to measure "on center" for pull handles? See our threaded hole measurement article.

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What are the use of pull handles (grab pull handles or assist handles)?

Grab or pull handles are used when requiring greater pulling force (getting into a truck) or used on an application to open (drawer). Pull handles are used in the automotive, consumer electronic, telecoms, furniture, food and many more industries.

Depending on the application, you should conside ergonomic grip, material strength and the environment the pull handles is being used for.