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Extruded Rubber ProfilesOneMonroe is a leader in the manufacturing of extruded rubber profiles and tubing. Rubber extrusions are parts that are run through an extrusion machine. These parts are forced through a die to manufacture the necessary cross sectional profile.

OneMonroe can extrude many shapes including: U channels, P strips, solid & hollow D profiles and custom shapes. We can utilize many materials including both dense and sponge materials. We work with a wide variety of natural and synthetic products. This includes: flame-retardant, food-safe & high-temperature compounds to meet your specifications. Commonly extruded materials include silicone, nitrile, EDPM, SBR, Neoprene and more.

Our extruded rubber part experience incorporates the certification of the material within the confines of each specification, while meeting and overseeing necessary quality reports.

For more information, pleas take a look at our seals guides. Updated: 8/19/21 

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What is extruded rubber?

Extruded rubber is a process that uses an extrusion machine to run parts through a die to manufacturer an extruded shape. These shapes greatly vary and can include hollow sections. These materials range from synthetic to natural rubber material.

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