OneMonroe's comprehensive range of springs—flat springs, extension springs, and compression springs—caters to diverse mechanical needs across various industries. Flat springs are crafted from high-quality flat stock, predominantly used for their ability to provide significant force within minimal spatial requirements. These springs are ideal for applications where robust force and limited deflection are critical, such as in automotive latches and industrial machinery. Manufactured to the highest standards, these springs ensure reliability and durability.

Extension springs are designed to operate with a tension mechanism, elongating under load to provide return force to components. These are essential in applications ranging from automotive interiors and farm machinery to industrial equipment. The hooks or loops at each end of the spring allow for versatile attachments, making them adaptable to various operational setups. This flexibility is coupled with high-grade materials that offer excellent resistance to fatigue and environmental wear.

Compression springs are engineered to resist compressive loads, making them a staple in applications requiring precise force management such as valve operation, electronic devices, and vehicle suspension systems. These springs compress and release efficiently, providing essential functionality in safety-critical applications. The precision in their design and manufacturing ensures they perform reliably under diverse and demanding conditions, thus supporting enhanced operational efficiency and safety across industries. Take a look at our spring blogs and application pages.

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