Hooks & Shackles

OneMonroe is a manufacturer of high-quality material handling products, including hoist rings, grab hooks, thimbles, shackles, slip hooks, wire rope clips, plate clamps, and much more. Our rigging hardware is available in many styles and manufactured with quality in mind. These products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of industries where safety and reliability are crucial, ensuring secure lifting and handling of heavy loads.

Our Hooks & Shackles find applications in a wide range of industries, including construction, shipping, logistics, and manufacturing. They are essential for tasks such as lifting, securing, and transporting heavy materials and equipment. Whether you need to hoist a large piece of machinery or secure a load on a transport vehicle, our products provide the strength and durability needed to perform these tasks safely and efficiently.

Features of our Hooks & Shackles include robust construction from high-grade materials, easy installation, and versatility to handle various loads and conditions. The benefits of using OneMonroe's rigging hardware are improved safety, reduced downtime due to equipment failure, and increased productivity. Our commitment to quality ensures that each product delivers exceptional performance, making OneMonroe the trusted choice for all your material handling needs.

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