Latches are essential mechanical components used to secure doors, panels, and various equipment in place. They function by engaging two separate parts in a secure but releasable connection. Latches come in various types, each suited to specific applications and operational requirements.

Cam latches, characterized by a rotating cam mechanism, are widely used in cabinets, panels, and industrial enclosures for their ease of operation and quick access. Compression latches, known for creating a tight seal, are ideal in environments where vibration resistance and sealing are critical, such as in outdoor or industrial settings. Draw latches, which pull surfaces together to secure them tightly, are versatile and commonly used in toolboxes and industrial cases.

For entry doors, specially designed entry door latches provide enhanced security and accessibility, often featuring key-locking mechanisms for added safety. In automotive applications, rotary latch systems are prevalent, offering a secure closure with a rotating mechanism for car doors and hoods. Push-to-close latches, offering a simple and straightforward latching solution, are popular across a range of applications, from cabinetry to industrial machinery, where quick and secure closure is required.

Our range of latches is engineered to meet diverse needs, ensuring reliability and ease of use across various applications. From securing heavy-duty industrial equipment to safeguarding entry doors, our latches are designed for durability and performance. Whether it’s the snug fit of a compression latch or the straightforward operation of a push-to-close latch, our products are tailored for effective and efficient latching solutions.

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