Leveling Mounts, Pads & Feet

Leveling mounts are used on multiple applications including cabinetry, shelving, machinery. In residential applications like cabinetry shelving leveling mounts, leveling mounts provide the consumer an easy method to level and stabilize the product. In industrial settings leveling mount’s full capabilities are utilized.

Shop floors are often not level, this can cause issues with precise machinery and having leveling mounts on machinery can avoid this issue. Leveling mounts also help absorb vibrations the machine produces and leads to less maintenance years down the line.

Our leveling mounts are available in several materials including: plastic, stainless steel, zinc and steel. Our leveling mounts are available in several styles including: glide rites, heavy duty leveling mounts, heavy duty leveling feet, level pads, level-it studs, mighty mounts, poly mounts, snap locks, threaded tubes, swivel leveling feet, and much more. Looking for more information? Take a look at a our leveling mount blog and application pages.

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What is a leveling mount?

Leveling mounts, pads & feet are used to provide a stable and level base for machinery. The principle is that by using a threaded shaft attached to the machine and a “foot” which meets the floor, one can lengthen or shorten each corner independently.

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