What are Leveling Feet?

Appliances and machinery that must be off the ground and level are designed with adjustable “leveling feet” at each corner to allow for that fact. A leveling foot is simply a device that allows adjustment of a machine to ensure it is level if the floor is not.

Most folks don’t know what a leveling foot is until they have to adjust one because their appliance doesn’t sit straight. Leveling feet are necessary because most floors are not truly level.

The principle is that by using a threaded shaft attached to the machine and a “foot” which meets the floor, one can lengthen or shorten each corner independently.

There are hundreds of different leveling feet and pads that can hold anywhere from 20 pounds all the way up to 42,000 pounds. To put that into perspective that is enough to hold a jet figher, subway car, or spy satalite.

Like many parts, the shafts can be ordered in both metric and standard thread sizes and the pads can be made from many types of material including rubber, metal, and plastic. There are standard mounts that swivel 10 - 15 degrees in every direction and can include non-swivel bases.

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