Crank Handles

Crank handles are mechanical devices with a handle that can be turned or rotated to operate various types of machinery, equipment, or mechanisms. They are often used to provide manual control, facilitate adjustments, or apply mechanical force in a controlled manner. Crank handles are characterized by their cylindrical shape and a rotating grip, making them easy to grasp and turn by hand.

A crank handle is a simple yet effective tool used for manual rotation or movement of a machine part. It consists of a handle, which is connected to a shaft that rotates when the handle is turned. The shaft is usually threaded and can be connected to other machine parts such as gears or pulleys. Crank handles are often used in applications where precision is required, such as in the adjustment of machine parts or the positioning of equipment.

Our crank handles are engineered to meet your diverse needs. They seamlessly integrate with various machine components like gears and pulleys, providing you with the flexibility required for a wide range of applications. Whether you're fine-tuning intricate machinery or repositioning equipment, our crank handles are your trusty companions in achieving exceptional results. Updated: 11/2/2023

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Why are crank handles used?

Crank handles allow a single worker to easily turn the axle of a machine by converting rotational motion into reciprocating motion.

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