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Hoist rings are a type of fastener with a load centering eyebolt. Unlike eyebolts, hoist rings will not yield to heavy loads and can pivot to compensate for movement. We have a large variety of industrial hoist rings including: swivel hoist rings, pivoting hoist rings, side-pull hoist rings and hoist-ring accessories.

We offer an extensive range of industrial hoist rings that have been expertly engineered and fabricated in accordance with rigorous standards. Our hoist rings come in a diverse selection of styles, such as flip-flop hoist rings, heavy-duty hoist rings, safety-engineered hoist rings, scissor-lock systems, shackle hoist rings, spin-n-lock hoist rings, and numerous others.

Each hoist ring in our collection has been crafted to provide reliable and secure lifting solutions for various industrial applications. Whether you require a heavy-duty hoist ring capable of supporting substantial loads or a safety-engineered hoist ring that ensures the safety of your workers, we have you covered. Our flip-flop hoist rings are perfect for lifting in tight spaces, while our scissor-lock systems offer a quick and easy method for securing loads. For more information, take a look at our hoist ring blogs, guides, and application pages.

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What are hoist rings used for?

A hoist ring (swivel eye bolt) is a piece of rigging hardware that screws into a lifting point. Hoist rings are used to lower or lift loads and machine assemblies. They have a load-centering eyebolt and may swivel or pivot to facilitate connecting hooks and chains.