The Beginner’s Guide to Spring Stops

When shopping for workholding solutions, you may come across spring stops. Also known as spring stop buttons, they feature an enclosed spring that’s designed to press against the side of a workpiece. You can use a spring stop on any … Read More

How to Choose Handle Sleeves

You don’t have to buy new handles for machines, equipment or workpieces. While replacing the existing handles with new handles is always an option, another idea is to choose handle sleeves. Handle sleeves are designed for use with existing handles. … Read More

What Are Fender Washers?

Washers are commonly used to protect parts from damage. They work by distributing the load of a threaded fastener. Driving a treaded fasteners directly into a part may damage it. With a washer, the fastener’s load will be evenly distributed … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to T-Slot Nuts

Have you heard of T-slot nuts? While they feature a threaded hole, they don’t share the same shape and design as traditional nuts. Rather, T-slot nuts are shaped like the letter T. This allows them to set inside of T-slots. … Read More

An Introduction to Step Blocks: What You Should Know

Workpieces often require clamping. Whether you’re cutting, forming or assembling a workpiece, you may need to clamp it in place. Allowing the workpiece to move freely could result in damage. Rather than only using a clamp, though, you may want … Read More

What Is a Magnetic Sheet Fanner?

If your business uses steel stock to manufacture products, you may want to invest in a magnetic sheet fanner. Steel sheets can get messy when cut and formed. They may accumulate oil or grease that causes them to stick together. … Read More

Standard Hinges vs T-Hinges: What’s the Difference?

Hinges are available in different styles. When most people think of hinges, they envision mechanical bearings with two rectangular-shaped leafs of equal sides, which are connected at a knuckle in the center. In addition to standard hinges such as these, … Read More

Cable Binders: A Simple and Effective Cable Management Solution

Have you heard of cable binders? Cables are a common source of clutter. Whether it’s a home office, a commercial office or any workspace, it may feature a variety of devices that use a cable. Cable binders are a cable … Read More

The Benefits of Die-Cut Gaskets

Gaskets play an important role in machinery. They are essentially mechanical seals that prevent fluids or gases from leaking. Machinery may feature passages for oil, coolant or combustion gases. If the passages go through two separate parts, a gasket may … Read More