How Do Self-Forming Screws Work? Get the Facts

Not all screws require a predrilled hole with internal mating threads. Some of them are capable of creating their own mating threads. Known as self-tapping screws, they are commonly used in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies can quickly assemble parts … Read More

How to Choose Fine Screw Adjusters

Fine screw adjusters offer a convenient alternative to reduction-geared adjusters. Consisting of small rods with a high threads per inch (TPI) count, you can use them to fine-tune machines and equipment. Fine screw adjusters make it easy to perform adjustments … Read More

How Do Bolt Type Anchor Shackles Work?

Hoists require special anchors, such as bolt type anchor shackles. These anchors are designed specifically for hoists. You can attach them to loads. You can then connect the hoist to the anchors via a cable. Bolt type anchor shackles are … Read More

Magnetic Catches: What Is Pull Force and Why Does It Matter?

When building cabinets, you may want to use magnetic catches. They are magnetic latching mechanisms that will hold cabinet doors closed. Without them, the doors may not close completely. Some of the doors may remain slightly open. You can use … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Adjustable Handles

Adjustable handles offer a simple and effective ratcheting solution. You can connect them to machines and equipment. With the internal conical spring in place, turning an adjustable handle will tighten or loosen the part with which it’s used. What Are … Read More

What Are J Nuts?

Nuts are commonly used in conjunction with bolts. If you’re trying to secure two or more parts together with a bolt, for instance, you may want to use a nut. You can twist a nut onto the end of the … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to In-Line Fuses

Fuses are commonly used to protect electrical devices from overcurrent. They consist of tubes with a metal coil or a similar internal component. When exposed to excess current, the internal component will break or melt. Electricity will no longer be … Read More

What Are Eccentric Bushings for Spring Plungers?

Spring plungers offer a simple and effective positioning solution for parts. Consisting of a spring and ball, they will apply pressure to the parts with which they are used. The enclosed spring will essentially push the ball or nose to … Read More

What Is Rubber Sheeting Used For?

Rubber sheeting is a versatile product that’s used in dozens of applications. As the name suggests, it consists of sheets of rubber. Rubber sheeting may feature plain silicone or neoprene sheets, or may feature fiber-reinforced rubber sheets. What is rubber … Read More