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  • How Do Gas Springs Work?

    How Do Gas Springs Work?

    • December 3, 2020

    A spring is a device that’s used to store energy. When exposed to a load, energy will transfer from the load into the spring. Not all springs use a mechanical method of operation, though. Some of them use gas. Known as gas springs, they are characterized by their use of compressed gas. They feature a

  • 5 Advantages of Laser Cutting in Manufacturing

    5 Advantages of Laser Cutting in Manufacturing

    • December 2, 2020

    Cutting is a common process performed in the manufacturing industry. Materials, as well as preassembled workpieces, often require cutting. While some manufacturing companies use cutting shears, others use newer and more advanced methods, such as laser cutting. Laser cutting lives up to its namesake by exposing materials and workpieces to a high-powered laser, thus cutting

  • How Are Modern Magnets Made?

    • November 30, 2020

    The modern magnet is a manufactured product developed from of a naturally occurring force. The modern magnet is powerful and lightweight. It can be made in high volumes and in unique as well as standard shapes. Science has discovered a number of minerals that increase the strength of magnets and because these minerals are not

  • What Is a Hammer Head Screw?

    What Is a Hammer Head Screw?

    • November 30, 2020

    Screws are one of the world’s most commonly used fasteners. Consisting of a solid piece of material with external threading and a head, they are used to fasten objects. When driven into multiple objects, a screw will hold them together. While you’re probably familiar with the purpose of a screw, there are different types of

  • 5 Things to Consider When Buying Hard Trucks

    5 Things to Consider When Buying Hard Trucks

    • November 26, 2020

    A hand truck is an invaluable material handling device. Also known as a dolly or stack truck, it consists of an L-shaped frame with wheels on the bottom and a pair of handles at the top. You can place boxes and other loads on the bottom lip, after which you can roll them to a

  • What Are Ferrous Metals? Get the Facts

    What Are Ferrous Metals? Get the Facts

    • November 25, 2020

    Metals can typically be classified as either ferrous or non-ferrous depending on their composition. All metals are comprised of metallic elements that form positive ions and possess metallic bonds. Their composition, however, varies depending on the type. To learn more about ferrous metals and how they differ from their non-ferrous counterparts, keep reading. An Introduction

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