The Beginner’s Guide to Flange Bearing

Industrial bearings are used to reduce friction created by the rotational movement of machinery parts. They contain balls that roll in the same direction as the rotational movement. As they roll, the balls will reduce friction while simultaneously carrying the … Read More

What Are Plate Clamps and How Do They Work?

When shopping for clamps, you may encounter plate clamps. They don’t feature the same hook-like design as other clamps. Rather, plate clamps consist of a pair of round plates that are secured together. You can use plate clamps in a … Read More

Single vs Multi-Arm Levers: What’s the Difference?

Lever arms are a common type of control mechanism for machinery. Also known as lever handles, they consist of a gripping surface that you can turn — or pull, depending on the type — to control a machine. Their simple … Read More

An Introduction to Lifting Tables

Designing an ergonomic workplace requires careful consideration of the equipment All workplaces have equipment. Some types of equipment, though, are more ergonomic than others. A lifting table, for instance, is a type of ergonomic equipment that’s commonly found in workplaces. … Read More

The 4 Main Parts of a Gas Spring

Gas springs are commonly found in machines as well as certain types of furniture. Like all springs, they are designed to store mechanical energy. Gas springs are distinguished, however, by their use of gas. They use gas to store mechanical … Read More

What Is a Toggle Press and How Does It Work?

Machine presses are used extensively in the manufacturing industry. They live up to their namesake by applying pressure to a workpiece. Some of them can apply as much as 30 tons of pressure, in fact, whereas others are designed to … Read More

An Introduction to Toe Clamps: What You Should Know

Workpieces often require a workholding solution to prevent them from moving or shifting. If a workpiece moves while being worked on, it may sustain damage. Fortunately, there workholding solutions available, one of which is toe clamps. You can use toe … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Extension Springs

When shopping for springs, you may come across extension springs. They are mechanical devices that, like all springs, are designed to store mechanical energy. Extension springs are found in everything from automobiles and machines to furniture, household appliances and more. … Read More

Employee of the Month: Tracy Walker

Congratulations Tracy Walker on being the Employee Of The Month for November 2021 Nomination I am very proud to be able to nominate not only a great co-worker but a lifelong friend, Tracy Walker, for Employee of the Month.  Wish … Read More