What Are Cable Clips?

cable clips

Cable clips simplify the process of installing, as well as maintaining, wires and cables. Rather than allowing a wire or cable to hang loosely, you can secure it in place with a set of cable clips. Whether you’re installing a photovoltaic (PV) cable, a data cable or any other type of cable or wire, you should consider using cable clips. Here’s everything you need to know about cable clips and how they work.

The Basics of Cable Clips

Cable clips are fasteners that are used to secure a wire or cable to an adjacent surface. Also known as cable clamps — depending on the particular style — they feature a simple design. Cable clips have an opening in the center. You can run a cable or wire through this opening. You can then fasten the cable clips to a surface, such as a wall or roof.

The Different Types of Cable Clips

While they are all used to secure a wire or cable to an adjacent surface, cable clips are available in different types. There are J-hook cable clips, for instance, and there are U-hook cable clips. J-hook cable clips feature a J-shaped design, whereas U-hook cable clips feature a U-shaped design.

There are also PV cable clips. PV cable clips are designed specifically for use with solar panel installations. Solar panels are interconnected with PV cable. PV cable clips are used to secure PV wire to the solar panels.

Why Use Cable Clips

Why should you use cable clips exactly? For starters, they are easy to install. Some cable clips are bolted or screwed into place. You can use a screwdriver and the appropriate fasteners to install them. Other types of cable clips simply clip into place. You can clip them onto a surface, such as a solar panel.

Organization is one of the main benefits of cable clips. Cables and wires can quickly turn into a mess. As you install them, they may turn into a tangled web with little or no sense of organization. Cable clips offer a solution. You can use them to separate and organize the individual cables or wires.

Cable clips protect against the cables and wires with which they are used from damage. They will hold the cables and wires in place. The cables and wires will be exposed to less stress, resulting in a lower risk of damage.

In Conclusion

You can’t ignore the benefits of cable clips. They are easy to install, allow you to organize your cables and wires, and they protect against common forms of damage.

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