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The Benefits of Stick Welding Extension Cords

If you use a stick welder, you may want to invest in a specialized extension cord. Also known as shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and manual metal arc welding (MMA), stick welding is a type of arc welding. It’s characterized by the … Read More

What Are Cable Clips?

Cable clips simplify the process of installing, as well as maintaining, wires and cables. Rather than allowing a wire or cable to hang loosely, you can secure it in place with a set of cable clips. Whether you’re installing a … Read More

Cable Binders: A Simple and Effective Cable Management Solution

Have you heard of cable binders? Cables are a common source of clutter. Whether it’s a home office, a commercial office or any workspace, it may feature a variety of devices that use a cable. Cable binders are a cable … Read More

Single-Mode vs Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable: What’s the Difference?

When shopping for fiber optic cable, you might be wondering whether to choose single-mode or multi-mode. All fiber optic cable is made of ultra-thin strands of a transparent material, such as glass. With these strands, they can transfer data in … Read More