Our industrial handwheels and indicators are used to adjust a variety of machine functions and are great for any application where adjustments need to be made via a turning mechanism.

Engineered and manufactured to strict standards, our industrial handwheels can be used in every industrial product. Our industrial handwheels are available in several materials including: plastic, stainless steel, zinc and steel. Many of our handwheels are available in many styles and in several color options. Need information on how to choose the proper handwheel? Please give us a call or look at our Choosing a Handwheel Guide.

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What are the handwheels used for?

Handwheels are manually-operated devices that revolve around an axis. Handwheels typically perform one of two operational tasks. They enable movement and precise adjustment to machinery or carefully open and close a valve. Because they perform various functions in many different applications, handwheels come in a wide variety of types and sizes.

Monroe offers many guides on handwheels including: Choosing the Right Handwheel, Handwheel Functions, Handwheel Materials, Handwheel Styles, Handwheel Handles, Handwheel Force, Handwheel Safety, Handwheel Bore, Handwheel Keyways, Handwheel Preparation, Handwheel Broaching and Handwheel Bearings & Indicators.