Handwheel Materials


There are many benefits in using aluminum. Two of the main benefits is how lightweight it is (which gives the added benefit of inexpensive shipping). It has resistance to oxidation which makes it corrosion resistant. It is highly reflective with a good amount of thermal and electrical conductivity.


Plastic is a great material because it is durable and resist solvents, grease, oil, and many other chemicals that are often found in an industrial setting.


Stainless steel is a great material to work with in an industrial environment. It is corrosion resistant and does well with pressure because of its high tensile strength.


Duroplastic is like super duty plastic. It has the same benefits as plastic but is reinforned with nylon or glass fiber to aid in it's strength.


Cast iron is a very strong and durable metal. It is resistant to deformation, relativity wear resistant, and cast easily. Although it is strong and durable cast iron is heavy.

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