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Our industrial handwheels are used for a variety of functions in a broad range of industries. We have all the sizes, styles and materials's that you will need for your various applications. If there isn't a stock size that meets your requirements, we can customize to your specifications.

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How to Choose the Right Plastic Handwheel

Industrial handwheels are available in a variety of materials. In addition to metals and alloys, you can find them in plastic. Plastic handwheels are used in many of the same turning-based adjustment applications as their metal and alloy counterparts. With … Read More

What Is the Bore in a Handwheel and Why Is It Important?

When shopping for handwheels, you may notice that some of them feature a bore. Handwheels are commonly used in adjustment applications that require a turning force. You can connect them to a machine or equipment, after which you can use … Read More

The Benefits of Cast Iron Handwheels

Handwheels are available in different materials. While some of them are made of plastic, others are made of metals or alloys. There are stainless steel handwheels that feature a stainless construction, for instance, and there are cast iron handwheels. Cast … Read More

6 Benefits of Aluminum Handwheels

Handwheels make it easy to perform adjustments. You can use them for nearly any machine-related adjustment application that requires a turning force. While you can find them in different materials, however, you may want to choose an aluminum handwheel. Aluminum … Read More

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