Handwheel Style & Design

Handwheel design has evolved over the years from what they once were. Now they come in many options and features to fit virtually any application without needing a custom design.

Disk or Solid Handwheels

These are perfect if you are in a situation where you are trying to prevent axial access. Injuries can occur more often when a handwheel has a spoke design. The solid disk handwheels are best suited for smaller wheels because the bigger the wheel gets the heavier it will be.

Spoke Handwheels

Spoked handwheels are a great choice if you require access to the axial. The 2 and 3 spoke handwheels are very popular and often used in many different industries. The spokes often increase when the handwheel gets larger in size. The number of spokes, if not for a functionality purpose, is also purely for esthetics.

Flat Handwheels

These handwheels can be solid or have spokes. The outside diameter of the wheel’s hub and the wheel are not offset so they are on the same plane.

Dished Handwheels

These are also solid or come with spokes. The outside diameter of the wheel’s hub is offset to the outside diameter of the wheel giving if a dish appearance.


The unique design of this handwheel is made to prevent fingers from slipping with a “U” shaped opening across from the handle that allows access to the axial.

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