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OneMonroe is a leader in manufacturing molded rubber parts and products for over 50 years. Monroe's molded products meet strict quality and technical specifications to ensure safety and efficiency across applications. Whether they are compression, injection or transfer molded, OneMonroe has years of experience providing customers with custom molded parts that are unique to their application.

Our broad production molding capabilities, industrial know-how and our experience in rubber formulations position us to be a leading cost effective manufacturer. OneMonroe can manufacturer in a wide-variety of materials including Nitrile, Fluorocarbon, Fluorosilicone, SBR, Polyacrylate, Neoprene, Polyurethane, Ethylene Propylene, Silicone and many more. We also have customers in a wide-range of industries including: Medical, Transportation, Defense, Aerospace and more. Our custom molding capabilities include: injection, transfer, and compression molding to accommodate any size or volume requirements (see custom molded capabilities-molded silicone). Our custom molded part experience incorporates the certification of the material within the confines of each specification, while meeting and overseeing necessary quality reports, allows our products to be used in a variety of applications.

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What is Custom Molded Rubber?

Custom rubber molding is a process where elastomer or raw rubber is injected (or compressed) into heated molds. Once heated a process of cooling is completed to help retain its shape (curing). This molding process is typically compression molding or injection molding.