Our industrial knobs are used for tightening, fastening, and pulling on an object . Engineered and manufactured to strict standards, our industrial knobs can be used in every industrial product.

Our knobs are available in several styles including: grip knobs, instrument knobs, metal knobs, ball knobs, lobed knobs, plastic soft touch knobs and wing knobs. These knobs are also available in many materials including: plastic, stainless steel, zinc and steel. Many of our handles are available in several color options.

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What are different types of knobs?

There are many different types of knobs including: Ball Knobs, Push-pull Knobs, T-Handle Knobs, Knurled Rim Knobs, Clamping Knobs, Prong Knobs, Tapered Knobs, Wing Nut/Screws Knobs, Instrument/Control Knobs and many more.

For more information, please see: Types of Knobs