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OneMonroe is a leading manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and wiring harness solutions for industrial, military & defense, and commercial applications. Our rugged cable & wiring solutions are designed to perform at the highest level under the most extreme conditions. Like all of our product lines, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, reliable product solutions that perform where other cables and wires continually fail. Our custom cable & wiring team has continually exceeded customer expectations with our wide array of custom capabilities and the emphasis we put behind our customer service methodology. Whether you are in the initial stages of design and prototyping, or ready to start producing at volume, our flexible, experienced team can jump in during any point to collaborate, consult, and deliver to your specifications.

Our custom cable assemblies are used in a variety of applications, ranging from industrial machinery to aerospace and defense systems. These assemblies are engineered to meet stringent standards and withstand harsh environments, ensuring optimal performance in critical operations. We offer solutions that include specialized connectors, shielding, and jacketing to address specific needs, such as electromagnetic interference protection and high-temperature resistance.

The industries we serve benefit greatly from our robust cable and wiring solutions. In the military and defense sector, our products are essential for communication systems, surveillance equipment, and tactical operations. Commercial applications include use in medical devices, automotive systems, and telecommunications, where reliability and performance are non-negotiable. Our expertise in custom solutions ensures that each product meets the exact requirements of the application, providing peace of mind and enhanced functionality.

OneMonroe’s commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart in the cable assembly and wiring harness industry. By leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques and maintaining stringent quality control processes, we deliver products that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our customer-focused approach ensures that we understand and address the unique challenges faced by each client, providing solutions that enhance efficiency, reliability, and overall performance.

The OneMonroe Advantage

  • High performance custom cable assemblies & wiring harnesses
  • Depth of expertise in electrical, electro-mechanical, and process engineering
  • Superior quality, rigorous testing and exceptional reliability

No documentation? No problem! Our devoted team of industry experts can work with anything from a loose concept all the way up to a blueprint or physical sample.

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