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OneMonroe offers an extensive line of high quality rail and transit cable & wiring solutions that ensure performance, reliability, and safety for the rail transport industry. All our rail transport cable & wiring solutions are custom built based on your specific application requirements, and then thoroughly tested to withstand challenging and hazardous environments. These solutions are designed to meet the stringent demands of the rail industry, providing durability and long-term reliability. Whether it's for power transmission, signal communication, or data transfer, our cables are engineered to perform under the toughest conditions, ensuring seamless operation of rail systems.

Our engineering and manufacturing team can start from the initial stages of design and prototyping all the way through manufacturing and volume production. This comprehensive approach allows us to tailor each product to meet precise specifications, offering solutions that are both innovative and efficient. The custom nature of our service ensures that every cable and wiring assembly fits perfectly within its intended application, reducing installation time and enhancing overall system performance.

Industries we serve include high-speed rail, metro transit, and freight rail systems, where the importance of reliable and safe electrical connections cannot be overstated. Our cables are built to resist extreme temperatures, vibrations, and other environmental factors common in rail transport. By choosing OneMonroe's rail and transit cable & wiring solutions, customers can expect enhanced safety, reduced maintenance costs, and improved operational efficiency, making us a trusted partner in the rail transport industry.

Custom Rail Transport Cable & Wiring Capabilities

  • Custom rail transport cable assemblies & wiring harnesses
    • Rail Transport Box Builds
    • CHMM (Crashed Hardened Memory Module)
    • Event Recorders
  • Internal & External Rail Transportation Box Assemblies
  • Rail Transport M12
  • Rugged Rail Transportation Box Builds
  • High Vibration Rail Transportation Box Builds
  • Harsh Environment Rail Transportation Box Builds
  • Rail PTC (Positive Train Control) Box Builds
  • Rail Wayside Crossing (Gate Arms) Box Builds
  • Rail Transportation Event Recorder (Black Box) Box Builds
  • Rail Transportation Memory Module Box Builds
  • Rail Transportation TAG (Throttle Assist Gateway) Box Builds

No documentation? No problem! Our devoted team of industry experts can work with anything from a loose concept all the way up to a blueprint or physical sample.

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