Custom Manufacturing

Monroe provides custom manufacturing solutions to clients throughout the world. We can manufacture built-to-order parts, custom products and offer a wide variety of options to solve your problem. We can support high volumes and short-lead times.

Monroe Engineering Products is a full-service manufacturer of fabricated metal assemblies and hardware. We offer a diverse product line of off-the-shelf hardware and can custom manufacture our entire product lines to match your needs. We do vendor-managed inventory (vmi) on low-cost hardware items and manage larger fabrication programs from blueprint to delivery.

Monroe has put together systems, facilities, tools, and an outstanding staff for the manufacture, assembly and testing of factory automation systems and sub-assemblies. All jobs down to the details are evaluated for manufacturability, materials, processing, tolerances and function, against our engineering and manufacturing experience. We recommend improvements whenever possible and have a well equip machine shop (selection of our equipment).

The Key to our success in manufacturing is the engineering review process. That’s where we identify the right process to match the cost / quality equation to your program. The next critical component is a team of captive and contract manufacturing resources. We finance major programs and pay our bills on time. Good vendors want to work for and with Monroe. Updated: 8/19/2021

From raw material to finished goods, here are the manufacturing capabilities we offer:

Custom Manufacturing

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What is custom manufacturing?

There are two types of products: Stock Items (mass produced) and custom manufactured products. Custom manufacturing is the process of designing, engineering, and manufacturing products based on a customer's specs. These include one-offs, BTP (build to order) & short run.

What are examples of custom manufacturing?

Custom manufactured components are used in all industries. These components vary greatly and include aerospace components, military equipment, medical devices and much more. If a components is unique and can't be filled via an off-the-shelf component, it is typically custom manufactured.