Cylindrical Grinding Services

Monroe Custom ManufacturingOneMonroe offers premier cylindrical grinding services, leveraging our extensive expertise in custom and contract manufacturing. Our skilled toolmakers utilize advanced OD grinders, ID grinders, and centerless grinders to deliver precision grinding solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. We pride ourselves on achieving tight tolerances and superior surface finishes, ensuring the highest quality and performance for your components.

The applications of OneMonroe's cylindrical grinding services are diverse, serving industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and heavy machinery. Our precision grinding capabilities are ideal for producing high-precision shafts, rods, bearing components, and other cylindrical parts. Whether you need high-volume production or custom, one-off pieces, our team is equipped to handle projects of any scale with consistent precision and reliability.

OD grinding (outside diameter grinding)

Material is held between centers and rotated as the grinding wheel travels up and down the length of the part. OD grinding allows cylindrical parts to be ground to precise dimensions and finishes.

ID grinding ( inside diameter grinding)

The workpiece is held in a chuck and rotated as the grinding wheel moves in and out of the ID to remove material and achieve the proper dimension and finish to meet customer expectations.

ID grinding creates a high degree of accuracy on the inside diameter dimension of the product as well as a precision surface finish.

Centerless grinding

The workpiece is supported on its own diameter by a workblade between a slow speed regulating wheel and a larger high speed grinding wheel. Correcting out of round conditions on cylindrical parts as well as achieving some of the best dimensional tolerances and surface finishes available in the metal working industry makes centerless grinding the correct choice for many projects.

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