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OneMonroe offers a comprehensive range of Mil-Spec hinges, designed to meet the exacting standards of military specifications. Our selection includes a variety of models such as the MS 20257 series, MS 35821/35831, MS 2001, as well as AA 55589 and MS 20253 pins, among others. These hinges are tailored for applications requiring the highest level of durability and performance. Capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions, they are perfect for use in military, aerospace, and naval applications, ensuring reliability and strength in critical situations.

Each hinge is crafted with precision, ensuring compliance with strict military specifications for quality and performance. Monroe can customize these hinges to accommodate special and specific hole patterns and special lengths, catering to unique project requirements. This adaptability makes our Mil-Spec hinges suitable for a broad range of applications, not limited to just military equipment but also extending to commercial and industrial uses where robustness is crucial.

The materials used in the manufacturing of our Mil-Spec hinges are chosen for their corrosion resistance and strength, ensuring long-term functionality and minimal maintenance. By integrating features such as special pins and tailored configurations, Monroe enhances the operational efficiency and security of the applications these hinges are used in. This commitment to quality and customization allows us to meet the precise needs of our clients, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction. Looking for more information? Take a look at a our hinge guides, blog, and application pages.

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What Are Mil-Spec Hinges?

Mil-Spec is an abbreviation for Military Specification. Mil-Spec hinges with military standard hinges that are typically manufactured for the U.S. DOD (Department of Defense). These hinges require strict adherence to military standards for manufacturing and materials. Mil-Spec hinges also come in various pin diameters, gauge and knuckle lengths.

See specs for more information: MS 20257 series, MS 35821/35831, MS 2001, AA 55589, MS 20253 Pins and AA 55486 pins. Complete Mil-Specs (PDF).