Our industrial strength magnets are used to adjust a variety of functions. We have all the sizes, styles and material’s that you will need for your various applications, including bar magnets, neodymium, rectangular magnets, lift magnets, and cup magnets. If there isn't a stock size that meets your requirements, we can custom make industrial strength magnets for you.

Our product lines include: cylindrical permanent magnetic assemblies, electro-magnets power supplies & demagnetizer, flexible magnetic material, magnetic sweeper, material handling & lifts magnets, rare earth magnets, rectangular. For additional information, please see our magnetic term glossary. Did you want to learn more about Magnets? Give us a call or take a look at our magnet guides. Updated: 12/22/21

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What is an industrial magnet?

An industrial magnet is a high strength magnet commonly made from neodymium. Other materials like cobalt, alnico, and ferrite are also commonly used for industrial magnets. Industrial magnets are chosen for their tensile strength, resistance to chipping, and resistance to demagnetization.