OneMonroe offers a comprehensive range of industrial strength magnets designed to adjust a variety of functions across multiple applications. We provide a diverse selection of sizes, styles, and materials to meet your specific needs, including bar magnets, neodymium magnets, rectangular magnets, lift magnets, and cup magnets. For those requiring unique specifications, we also offer custom manufacturing services to create industrial strength magnets tailored to your exact requirements.

Our industrial magnets are integral to numerous industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and electronics. These magnets are employed in applications ranging from holding and lifting heavy objects, securing components, and aligning parts during assembly, to more specialized uses like magnetic sweeper operations and material handling. The versatility and strength of our magnets ensure they meet the rigorous demands of various industrial processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Key features of our magnets include high magnetic strength, durability, and reliability. Our product lines encompass cylindrical permanent magnetic assemblies, electro-magnets with power supplies and demagnetizers, flexible magnetic materials, magnetic sweepers, material handling and lift magnets, and rare earth magnets. By choosing OneMonroe's magnets, you benefit from improved operational performance, reduced downtime, and a solution tailored to the specific challenges of your industry, driving success and innovation in your projects. For additional information, please see our magnetic term glossary, magnet guides, blog, and application pages.

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What is an industrial magnet?

An industrial magnet is a high strength magnet commonly made from neodymium. Other materials like cobalt, alnico, and ferrite are also commonly used for industrial magnets. Industrial magnets are chosen for their tensile strength, resistance to chipping, and resistance to demagnetization.