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Our industrial strength magnets are used to adjust a variety of functions. We have all the sizes, styles and materials's that you will need for your various applications. If there isn't a stock size that meets your requirements, we can custom make industrial strength magnets for you.

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What Are Cylindric Retaining Magnets?

Magnets come in a variety of styles. While some of these styles are used in consumer electronics, others are used in commercial applications. Cylindric retaining magnets, for instance, are commonly used in the manufacturing and construction industries. They are made … Read More

Lifting Magnets: What Is Pull-Off Force?

If you regularly lift and move heavy objects at work, you may want to invest in a lifting magnet. These rare-earth magnets are designed specifically for lifting. They typically have a neodymium base — neodymium is the strongest type of … Read More

What Makes Neodymium Magnets So Strong?

Neodymium magnets are known for being some of the strongest magnets in the world. A type of rare-earth magnet, they are about 10 times stronger than ceramic magnets. They will attract and repel other magnets more forcefully than their ceramic … Read More

What Are the Poles on Magnets?

Poles play an important role in the attractive properties of magnets. Regardless of the material, all magnets have two poles. Even the Earth, in fact, has a pair of poles: the north and south poles. Overview of Magnetic Poles Magnetic … Read More

What Are Sheet Handler Magnets?

If your job involves moving or handling sheet metal, you may want to invest in a set of sheet handler magnets. Sheet metal is typically heavy, and with its flat surface, it’s difficult to lift and move. Sheet handler magnets, … Read More

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