The o-ring is the most widely used seal in the industry. It is easy to install, may be used as a double-acting seal and can seal pressures up to 3000 PSI. With pressures over 800 PSI, back-up rings should be considered, depending on the operating conditions and gland design.

The o-ring is typically used in static and reciprocating applications. The o-ring is not recommended for rotary applications as the o-ring will rotate with the shaft and cause a leak (lip seals are recommended for rotary applications). O-rings are typically sized by their inside diameter and cross section, and are further specified by the type of compound and durometer hardness which best suits the application. For O-ring sizes other than standard sizes, specify the actual dimensions desired for the inside diameter (I.D.) and the cross section (W). There may be a tooling charge for such non-standards

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What Are O-Rings?

Also known as a toric joint — in reference to its torus shape — an O-ring is a gasket with a circular-looped design that’s used to seal two working surfaces. The valve stems in automotive engines, for example, often use O-rings to prevent oil from entering the combustion chamber. The O-ring creates a air- and liquid-tight mating surface between the valve stem and the valve guide. Without this small and otherwise simple component, oil may leak into the valve guide where it’s burned inside the combustion chamber.

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