Types of Knobs

ball knobBall Knobs: Ball knobs come in a large variety of different materials and sizes and are commonly used on applications that have up-down and right-left directional movement. They are also used for tightening, fastening, and pulling on an object, which make them a perfect choice for control levers. Their round design makes for an easy and comfortable grip no matter the material. Read More

push-pull knobPush-pull Knobs: Push-pull knobs are a very simple design and can come in many different shapes and sizes and are made for simple functionality where in-out, forward-backward, and up-down motion is required. These knobs are usually made from high quality phenolic plastic polished to a glossy finish, or stainless steel which is perfect for a heavy-duty solution for any clamping and hand fastening needs. Read More

t-handle knobT-handle Knobs: Although it is often referred to as a handle, the T-handle also falls into the knob category. The T-handle comes in different shapes with rounded, curved, and straight lines. The unique styles give the T-handle many possibilities for different applications. It is commonly used on applications that require high torque where operators must be in complete control and very meticulous with their movements. T-handles allow for powerful clamping and can adjust easily in very small hard to reach spaces. Read More

knurled rim knobKnurled Rim Knobs: Knurled rim knobs are made to obtain a firm grip. The small ridge patterns are rolled or cut into the material for a non-slip grip. They come in a wide variety of different styles and are often used on applications where the operator may be in contact with damp or wet surfaces. The knurled rim helps to prevent fingers from slipping to ensure positive tightening. They are also available in a handle form for use with a longer or larger surface area that requires using other directional movements. Read More

clamping knobClamping Knobs: Clamping knobs are designed to be able to grasp comfortably to adjust applications that require turning or clamping that may require medium torque. A few different styles of knobs fall into the clamping knob category, such as star knobs which are lobe knobs that are available in a wide range of configurations from 3 to 8 lobes and provide positive clamping action. Read More

prong knobProng Knobs: The pronged design provides a firm grip for applications requiring fast tightening and strong torque. The shape and design of the prongs allow for powerful hold and can often be controlled by using just a few fingers if the application requires less torque. Read More

tapered knobTapered Knobs: Due to their length, shape, and grip, tapered knob handles are fantastic for many different applications. While primarily used when the application requires movement in all directions, the forwards-backwards, up-down, and left-right rotation tapered knob handles are best fitted for mechanical controls, machine tools, trucks, industrial equipment, forklifts, and even garden tools. Read More

wing nut knobWing Nuts/Screws: A clean, no nonsense knob with ample finger pads for applications with high torque. They can also be used for applications requiring fingertip control and lower torque tightening requirements. Many plastic wing knob styles are designed to be ergonomically correct, which ensures maximum operator comfort and are great for small tight spaces. Read More

instrument knobInstrument/Control Knobs: Control knobs are very popular in the electronics and medical device industry. As far as materials go, these knobs are available in glass-fiber reinforced polyamide based techno polymer (which resist solvents, oils, greases, and other chemical agents), steel, stainless steel, and even high quality spun aluminum. They are available with or without pointers, and with or without painted indicator lines. Read More


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