Handwheel Handles


No-handle handwheels are much like a steering wheel. This makes it perfect for applications that require a steering motion or used to open and close and revolve.


On the manual fold-a-way models, to engage handle pull up and it will snap into a locked position. Handle will fold-a-way by pulling up on the handle and pushing it into the recessed cavity of the wheel.


The revolving handle when pulled from its cavity, is locked into position by the operator pushing the handle axially towards the handwheel. When the axial pressure of the operator ceases, the handle disengages and will automatically fold-a-way into the recessed cavity. These are perfect for handwheels that are in an area where a handle sticking out would be a safety hazard.


These handwheels can come with or without the added handle. The finger grips are grooved out sections on the perimeter of the wheel. Some are under the wheel and some are facing the hub. The finger grips add extra control to a revolving handle.

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