The Benefits of Cast Iron Handwheels

cast iron handwheel by Monroe

Handwheels are available in different materials. While some of them are made of plastic, others are made of metals or alloys. There are stainless steel handwheels that feature a stainless construction, for instance, and there are cast iron handwheels.

Cast iron handwheels are made of cast iron, which is an alloy of an iron. Cast iron consists mostly of iron, but it contains about 2% to 4% carbon as well (along with silicon and other compounds). What are the benefits of cast iron handwheels exactly?

Heavy-Duty Construction

Cast iron handwheels feature a heavy-duty construction. You don’t have to worry about breaking or damaging them. Because they are made of cast iron, they are heavier and more durable than many other types of handwheels. This heavy-duty construction protects them from premature wear and tear.

Chrome Plating

You can find cast iron handwheels with chrome plating. Chrome plating is typically used for the rim finish. The photo above, for instance, depicts a cast iron handwheel with a chrome-plated rim. Chrome plating helps to protect the rim from environmental contaminants while also creating a sleek and stylish appearance.

Chemical Resistant

Another benefit of cast iron handwheels is chemical resistance. They offer a higher level of protection against chemicals than other types of handwheels. If you’re looking for a new handwheel to use in the workplace, you may want to go with cast iron for this reason. Workplaces often contain chemicals like oils, solvents and greases. Even when exposed to chemicals such as these over an extended period, cast iron handwheels won’t fail.

Handle vs No Handle

There are different styles of cast iron handwheels. Some of them feature an integrated handle, whereas others do not. Those with an integrated handle feature a perpendicular lever-like handle that extends vertically out of the rim. You can grab this integrated handle when turning the handwheel. Other cast iron handles only consist of a wheel-shaped rim without an integrated rim. Regardless, you can choose cast iron handwheels either with or without an integrated handle.

Multiple Sizes

You can find cast iron handwheels in a variety of sizes. Different applications, of course, require different-sized handwheels. Fortunately, cast iron handwheels aren’t limited to a single size. Because they are made of cast iron — a process that involves blasting raw iron ore in a furnace — they are available in a variety of sizes.

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