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  • Gasket Materials: What Are Gaskets Made Of?

    Gasket Materials: What Are Gaskets Made Of?0

    Gaskets play an important role in the function of many machines. From lathes and milling machines to forklifts and automobiles, they allow for a leak-proof mating surface between two or more parts. Machines, of course, often contain fluids or gases. To prevent these fluids or gases from escaping, gaskets are used. While all gaskets are

  • The Benefits of Custom-Molded Parts

    The Benefits of Custom-Molded Parts0

    When shopping for seals, gaskets, hoses, tubing and other machine parts, you can’t ignore the benefits of custom molding. Custom-molded parts are manufactured using a molding process. Injection molding, for instance, is often used to make custom-molded parts. With injection molding, heated material is injected into a mold cavity. As it cools, the material will

  • 5 Common Additive Manufacturing Processes

    5 Common Additive Manufacturing Processes0

    Additive manufacturing has become increasingly common in the manufacturing industry. Also known as 3D printing, it involves the addition of material to a substrate to build a three-dimensional object. With additive material, manufacturing companies can build custom-sized and custom-shaped objects from raw material. There are different types of additive manufacturing processes, however. Below are five

  • What Is a Cup Magnet and How Do They Work?

    What Is a Cup Magnet and How Do They Work?0

    Magnets come in a variety of shapes. Some of them are square, whereas others are rectangular. There are also round magnets, such as cup magnets. Cup magnets still produce a magnetic field, but they feature a round shape — as well as a small size — that makes them ideal for certain applications. What are

  • What Is an Elevator Bolt?

    What Is an Elevator Bolt?0

    When researching some of the different types of bolts, you may come across elevator bolts. Like all bolts, they feature a head and threaded shank. Elevator bolts, however, are designed differently. They have several subtle features that distinguish them from standard bolts. What are elevator bolts exactly? The Basis of Elevator Bolts Elevator bolts are

  • An Introduction to Continuous Hinges

    An Introduction to Continuous Hinges0

    Hinges offer a simple but effective way to connect two objects while allowing for a fixed axis of rotation. They are a type of mechanical bearing consisting of several parts, such as two leafs and a pin. Some hinges, however, are longer than others. Continuous hinges, in fact, are defined by their long length. They

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