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  • How to Choose the Right Drawer Slides

    How to Choose the Right Drawer Slides0

    Drawer slides are an important component in many types of furniture. You can find them in cabinets, dressers, hutches and chests of drawers Drawer slides live up to their namesake by serving as the tails on which drawers slide. You can pull a drawer open if it’s installed on a slide, and you can push

  • What Are Vulcanized Seals?

    What Are Vulcanized Seals?0

    Seals are essential to the operation of many different machines and products. Engines, plumbing systems, furnaces and air conditioning systems all contain seals. Seals, of course, are designed to prevent the leakage of substances like oil or gas. They provide a leak-proof mating surface so that substances can travel within a contained area without leaking.

  • 5 Common Types of Non-Ferrous Metals

    5 Common Types of Non-Ferrous Metals0

    There are over 90 metallic elements listed on the Periodic Table. While no two metals are the same, they can all be classified as either ferrous or non-ferrous depending on whether they contain iron. Ferrous metals contain iron, whereas non-ferrous metals don’t contain iron. Below are five of the most common types of non-ferrous metals.

  • What Is a Tap Wrench? Here’s What You Should Know

    What Is a Tap Wrench? Here’s What You Should Know0

    Wrenches are commonly used to install and remove fasteners. They consist of a handle with an opening or bit at the end that’s able to grab a fastener. Not all wrenches are the same, however. In addition to socket and open-end wrenches, there are tap wrenches. What are tap wrenches exactly, and how do they

  • How to Choose the Right Leveling Feet

    How to Choose the Right Leveling Feet0

    Leveling feet offer a simple and effective solution for wobbly furniture and machinery. Also known as leveling pads, they consist of height-adjustable rods with a flat bottom. You can install leveling feet on the four corners of a piece of furniture or machinery, after which can adjust their height so that they remain level. There

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Spring Plungers

    The Beginner’s Guide to Spring Plungers0

    Spring plungers are commonly used for positioning-related applications. They are found machines where they “position” specific parts. As shown in the adjacent photo, spring plungers consist of a metal body with a ball at the end. Within this body is a spring. To learn more about spring plungers and how they work, keep reading. How


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