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  • The Benefits of Vulcanized Seals

    The Benefits of Vulcanized Seals0

    Not all seals are made of a single piece of material. Some of them are made of multiple pieces of material that are bonded together. Vulcanized seals, for instance, are defined by their fused construction. They are made of multiple pieces of material, which are fused together with heat and pressure. Exposure to heat and

  • 5 Fun Facts About Casters

    5 Fun Facts About Casters0

    Casters make it easy to move equipment, furniture and other heavy or large objects. Consisting of a wheel attached to a plate or assembly, they allow for rolling. Rather than lifting an object to move it, you can roll it — assuming it has casters. While you may be familiar with the general concept of

  • Short-Arm vs Long-Arm Hex Keys0

    Not all fasteners have a traditional Philips- or flat-head drive recess. Some of them have a hexagonal drive recess. With a hexagonal drive recess, you won’t be able to install them using a traditional screwdriver, nor will you be able to remove them with a traditional screwdriver. Instead, you’ll need to use a special tool

  • 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Plastic Hinges

    5 Things to Consider When Choosing Plastic Hinges0

    Hinges come in a variety of materials. While most of the materials in which they are made consist of metals and alloys, you can find them in plastic as well. Plastic hinges are defined by their plastic construction. They aren’t made of metals or alloys. Rather, they are made of plastic. Below are five things

  • Comparing the 3 Main Molding Processes

    Comparing the 3 Main Molding Processes0

    Molding is a group of manufacturing processes that involves the use of a mold to produce objects and parts in custom shapes. Dies are hollow shells that are designed to support a liquid material. The liquid material, such as heated plastic, will fill the inside of a die, thus creating a new object or part

  • Self-Tapping Screws vs Traditional Screws

    Self-Tapping Screws vs Traditional Screws0

    When shopping for screws, you’ll need to choose the right type. There are self-tapping screws as well as traditional screws. While they are both used for similar applications — specifically fastening — they aren’t the same. By understanding the difference between self-tapping and traditional screws, you’ll be able to choose the right type. What Are

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