Employee of the Month: Mike Kizer

Congratulations to Mike Kizer for December 2023!!!


The squeaky wheel gets the grease, a common cliche for the loudest personalities or biggest winners drawing all the attention and accolades. Maybe rightfully so.

This nomination is not about one of those folks. Today we bring the guy who wouldn’t ask for a pat on the back or any kind of special recognition for doing what he does, without a complaint, and getting it done with no frills and exceeding the standards.

Here’s to OneMonroe Ira’s Nominee for Employee of the Month, Mike Kizer.

A little over two years ago Mike came to us off a second shift job, one of the biggest draws for coming to OneMonroe Ira was that we didn’t have a second shift….
But there was a job that had to be done and we were going to have to open up a second shift so we could meet our delivery date to the customer.
Without hesitating when asked, Mike said he’d do it. 2400 machined, assembled, and painted hinges later, we got back to our regularly scheduled programming and Mike’s still one of the best team players here.

Working in assembly and being the go-to man for trucking here isn’t easy; what do those crazy folks in operations have going, if the assembly team needs some widgets, did the machinists finish that detail in time? You could be in the middle of putting the 99th Helicoil out of 300 in a detail but Paul’s already on the road or tackling the latest hot issue and Sam has to really get that quote finished or is trapped in a meeting. Mike doesn’t complain, doesn’t try to beg off, he gets it done. There are a lot of strong personalities out here and certainly strong opinions, Mike on the other hand gets it done with no fuss and usually before it needs to happen.

That rush to get something back from hard coat anodize in Jackson, MI? Don’t worry about it, Mike’s already on the way.

As soon as he gets back, there’s that load of details heading for Ann Arbor or Fenton, get Mike the paperwork. He’s on it.

Time to punch out for the day, there’s Mike making sure that the job he was working on before he left is in a good place to pick up tomorrow.

This is our guy who busts his knuckles and rear putting those assemblies together and makes sure we have what we need to get it out the door sometimes despite the changes, and vagaries of the customers, vendors, and coworkers, and does it all without drawing attention to himself.

He’s probably going to wonder what all the fuss is about when he gets this nomination, but Mike’s earned it and keeps doing what he does.

~ Terry Tomayko and Sam Sattler

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