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  • What Are Deck Screws?

    What Are Deck Screws?0

    When building a deck, you’ll need to use the right type of screws. Most decks consist of wooden planks. These planks, of course, must be secured to the frame with screws. Rather than using traditional wood screws, though, you should consider using deck screws. What are deck screws exactly, and how do they differ from

  • 3 Common Types of Hose Clamps

    3 Common Types of Hose Clamps0

    Fluid-filled hoses are often connected to machinery with a clamp. In a typical car or truck, for instance, clamps are used to connect coolant hoses to the radiator and motor. Clamps don’t just hold the coolant hoses in place; they prevent them from leaking. Even as the coolant heats up inside of the hose, it

  • The 4 Primary Slotted Drive Types for Fasteners

    The 4 Primary Slotted Drive Types for Fasteners0

    When shopping for fasteners, you’ll need to consider the drive type. Different fasteners have different drive types. The drive type, of course, refers to the shape of the recess within a fastener’s head. You’ll have to place a tool inside of this recess, followed by turning the tool, to either install or remove the fastener.

  • How Screws With a Tapered Shank Work

    How Screws With a Tapered Shank Work0

    A tapered shank is a common characteristic of most screws. From drywall screws and lag screws to particle board screws and sheet metal screws, most screws have a tapered shank. Bolts, on the other hand, may or may not have a tapered shank. Unless you’re familiar with these fasteners, you might be wondering why screws

  • What Is Castellated Nut?

    What Is Castellated Nut?0

    Nuts are a common type of fastener. As you may know, they are used in conjunction with a bolt. Bolts are often inserted through a given object, after which they are affixed with a nut. The presence of a nut helps to secure the object by preventing the bolt from loosening or otherwise coming out.

  • What Is an Elevator Bolt?

    What Is an Elevator Bolt?0

    When researching some of the different types of bolts, you may come across elevator bolts. Like all bolts, they feature a head and threaded shank. Elevator bolts, however, are designed differently. They have several subtle features that distinguish them from standard bolts. What are elevator bolts exactly? The Basis of Elevator Bolts Elevator bolts are