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  • What Is an Anchor Bolt?

    What Is an Anchor Bolt?0

    An anchor bolt is a used type of fastener that’s designed to connect one or more objects to a concrete surface. With concrete being brittle, you can use conventional bolts for applications such as this. To ensure the connected object or objects remains in place, you must use anchor bolts. The Basics of Anchor Bolts

  • Sheet Metal Nuts: A Complete Guide to This Unique Fastener

    Sheet Metal Nuts: A Complete Guide to This Unique Fastener0

    Sheet metal nuts are fasteners that are designed to resist vibrations. Like other locknuts, they don’t loosen or otherwise come undone when exposed to vibrations. Rather, they remain secure, connecting the objects on which they are installed. What Is a Sheet Metal Nut? Also known as a speed nut, a sheet metal nut is an

  • What Is a Threaded Insert?

    What Is a Threaded Insert?0

    Threaded fasteners are often used in conjunction with a threaded insert to join two or more objects. Also known as threaded bushings, they provided female threaded to support the use of a fastener with male threading, such as a screw or bolt. The threaded insert is embedded inside an object, after which a screw or

  • Lag Screws: An Overview of This Strong Fastener

    Lag Screws: An Overview of This Strong Fastener0

    A screw is a self-drilling fastener that’s characterized by a threaded exterior. When driven into a surface, the screw’s threaded exterior digs and removes material, allowing for easy insertion into the respective object. For woodworking applications, though, certain types of screws perform better than others. One of the most popular types of screws used to

  • Lock Nuts: How These Common Locking Fasteners Work

    Lock Nuts: How These Common Locking Fasteners Work0

    A nut if a fastener featuring a threaded, circular interior that’s used in conjunction with a bolt to secure multiple objects together. After inserting a bolt through the objects, a nut can be twisted onto the end of the bolt, thereby securing the objects. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for traditional nuts to loosen over time.

  • What Is a Clevis Fastener?

    What Is a Clevis Fastener?0

    When you think of fasteners, you’ll probably envision traditional types like screws and bolts. For centuries, screws and bolts have been used to join objects and surfaces. There are other types of fasteners available, however, one of which is the clevis fastener. The Clevis Fastener Explained As shown in the photo here, the clevis fastener

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