How to Choose Adjustable Handles

Are you looking to buy adjustable handles? Also known as ratchet handles, they offer a quick and easy adjustment solution. You can use them to fasten, unfasten or otherwise adjust machinery parts. Here are several things to consider when choosing adjustable handles.

Tapped vs Stud

Most adjustable handles fall under one of two categories: tapped or stud. Tapped adjustable handles have a threaded hole, whereas stud adjustable handles have a threaded stud. Both types support the same fastening and adjustment processes; they simply involve different steps to install.

You can install a tapped adjustable handle by connecting it to a threaded rod or bolt or the part with which you intend to use it. You can install a stud adjustable handle by connecting it to a threaded hole on the part with which you intend to use it.


Like other handles, adjustable handles are available in different materials. Some of them are made of metal or alloy. Other adjustable handles are made of a synthetic material. Each material offers its own unique benefits. Therefore, you should consider the material when choosing adjustable handles.

Some of the most common materials in which adjustable handles are made include the following:

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Zinc
  • Plastic

Environmental Resistance

Something else to consider when choosing adjustable handles is environmental resistance. Most adjustable handles are used in the workplace. Manufacturing factories, medical facilities and other types of workplaces use them to make adjustments to machinery parts. Workplaces such as these often contain water, oils and chemicals. The good news is that many adjustable handles are resistant to these environmental substances.

Push Button

You may notice that some adjustable handles feature an integrated button. Known as push button or button head handles, you can release them by pressing a button. After fastening a part, for instance, you may want to release it. Pressing the button at the top of the handle will release it from the part.


Don’t forget to consider the length when choosing adjustable handles. Regardless of the style, some adjustable handles are longer than others. If you’re going to use it in a small space, you may need to opt for a short adjustable handle.

Ergonomic Grip

While available in different styles, all adjustable handles require manual turning. You’ll have to turn them manually to fasten or unfasten the part to which they are connected. Rather than choosing just any adjustable handle, you should look for a handle with an ergonomic grip. An ergonomic grip will make it easier to grab and turn the adjustable handle.

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