What Are Plow Bolts?

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Not all bolts have a protruding head. Some of them are designed so that the head remains flush with the surface in which they are installed. Plow bolts fall under this category. Plow bolts still have a head, but it will sink into the hole so that it becomes flush with the surface. What are plow bolts exactly, and how do they differ from traditional bolts?

Overview of Plow Bolts

Plow bolts are threaded fasteners with a flat, tapered head. Some of them feature a fully threaded shank, whereas others feature a partially threaded shank. Regardless, all plow bolts feature a smooth and flat head that’s tapered — it becomes narrower — towards the threading

Plow bolts have been around since the mid-19th century. They were originally used to connect the blade of a plow to the frame. While plows have since been replaced with tractors and other agricultural equipment, plow bolts aren’t obsolete. They are still used in fastening applications that require a flush installation.

Most plow bolts are used in wooden objects. They are characterized by their head. As previously mentioned, plow bolts feature a flat and tapered head. When installed, the head will become countersunk under the surface of the wooden object.

Plow Bolts vs Traditional Bolts

Traditional bolts may or may not sit flush with the surface in which they are installed. Some of them have a protruding head. After driving a traditional bolt into an object, the head may stick out of the object’s surface. Plow bolts, on the other hand, won’t protrude out of the object’s surface. Plow bolts are designed specifically to sit flush once installed.

Another difference between plow bolts and traditional bolts is that the former has a neck. When inspecting a plow bolt, you’ll notice that it has a ring at the base of the head. Known as a neck, it prevents plow bolts from turning when the nut is adjusted. You can tighten or loosen the nut on the end of a plow bolt. Thanks to the neck, the plow bolt will remain stationary while you adjust the nut.

In Conclusion

There are dozens of types of bolts. Plow is a special type of bolt that was originally used foto connect plow blades to the frames. Plow bolts have a flat and tapered head that allows them to sit flush with the surface of an object.

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