The Beginner’s Guide to Toggle Wing Anchors

Toggle wing anchor

When hanging objects on walls, you may want to use toggle wing anchors. Threaded fasteners aren’t always enough. If there’s not a stud directly behind the wall, the threaded fastener may spin. And as it spins, the threaded fastener will offer little or no support for the object.

What Are Toggle Wing Anchors?

Toggle wing anchors are two-piece fasteners that are designed to create an anchor point on an otherwise hollow wall. They are essentially wall anchors. Also known as toggle bolts, they consist of a rod and a pair of wings.

How Toggle Wing Anchors Work

Toggle wing anchors work by expanding behind the wall with which they are used. Unlike screws, they aren’t designed to be driven into studs. Instead, toggle wing anchors are designed to enter a hollow wall and then expand.

The wings on a toggle wing anchor will expand. To use a toggle wing anchor, you’ll need a drill hole into the hollow wall. With the wings collapsed, you can then insert the toggle wing anchor through the hole.

As the wings expand, the toggle wing anchor will grip against the sides of the wall. The toggle wing anchor will now be secure. You can hang pictures, shelves, coat racks or other objects from the toggle wing anchor. th

Why Use Toggle Wing Anchors

If you’re planning to hang an object on a hollow wall, you should consider using a toggle wing anchor. It will create a secure anchor point that can accommodate the weight of the object.

In the United States, residential and commercial buildings are typically built with studs spaced 16 inches apart. You can always hang an object on a wall directly in front of a stud. But if you want to hang an object elsewhere, you may want to use a wall anchor. Objects will create a pulling force with fasteners. They will pull down fasteners, and if a fastener isn’t placed in a stud, it may come out of the wall.

Tips on Choosing Toggle Wing Anchors

You should choose toggle wing anchors that are made of a strong, corrosion-resistant material. Zinc-plated steel or zinc-plated chromium are both excellent choices. They are durable, and they can withstand moisture without succumbing to corrosion.

Toggle wing anchors are available in different thread sizes as well. When choosing toggle wing anchors, make sure they are the right size for your application. A large thread size will typically support heavier objects, but it will require a larger hole during installation.

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