The Benefits of Stick Welding Extension Cords

Stick welding extension

If you use a stick welder, you may want to invest in a specialized extension cord. Also known as shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and manual metal arc welding (MMA), stick welding is a type of arc welding. It’s characterized by the use of a consumable electrode. Stick welding machines are designed to create an electric arc that melts the consumable electrode. As the electrode melts, molten metal will drip onto the workpiece.

While most stick welding machines come with a cord, they aren’t always long enough. Fortunately, you aren’t restricted to using your stick welding machine’s factory cord; you can use a stick welding extension cord, instead. Below are some of the top benefits of stick welding extension cords.

50-Foot and 100-Foot Lengths

Stick welding extension cords are available in 50-foot and 100-foot lengths. Whether you use a stick welding machine in your garage or place of business, that should be more than enough to reach your workpieces. Factory cords are typically much shorter. Many of them, in fact, are only 10 feet long. At 50 and 100 feet, stick welding extension cords are five to 10 times longer than their factory counterparts, respectively.

Compatible With Major Welding Connectors

You can rest assured knowing that stick welding extension cords are compatible with the most widely used connector types, including Lenco, Tweco, Dinse or Camlock. Stick welding extension cords mate directly with popular connectors such as these. They are designed with brass, fill-soldered connectors that allow for 100% continuity from the stick welding machine to the electrode.

Easy to Use

Using a stick welding extension cord is a breeze. Since they come with widely used connector types, they are interchangeable with factory cords. You can remove your stick welding machine’s factory cord and replace it with a new, longer extension cord.

Improved Mobility

For better mobility, look no further than a stick welding extension cord. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to weld an object, only to discover that your machine won’t reach it. Of course, you can move the object closer to your machine, but an easier solution is to use an extension cord. With a stick welding extension cord, you’ll have greater freedom of mobility while welding workpieces and objects.

Strong and Durable

Stick welding extension cords are strong and durable. They feature a thick, heavy-duty jacket that’s able to withstand environmental contaminants. Even when exposed to oil or grease, stick welding extension cords will continue to offer a reliable source of power for your welding needs.

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