What Are Guide Rail Brackets?

Guide rail brackets

If you’re thinking about implementing guide rails in your business’s operations, you may want to invest in a set of brackets. Guide rail brackets are commonly used in the construction, transportation and manufacturing industries. They allow for the mounting, as well as the adjustment, of guide rails. To learn more about guide rail brackets and how they work, keep reading.

Overview of Guide Rail Brackets

Guide rail brackets are mounting components for guide rails. They are used in conjunction with guide rails.

As you may know, guide rails are used to move equipment, inventory and parts via a rail system. Manufacturing lines, for instance, often use them in conveyor systems. Conveyors have guide rails that automatically move inventory or parts from one station to another station. Guide rails brackets are designed to secure guide rails in place. They connect guide rails to conveyor systems or other objects.

Fixed vs Adjustable Guide Rail Brackets

There are several different types of guide rail brackets, including fixed and adjustable. Fixed guide rail brackets remain stationary. They typically support fasteners, such as bolts. Some fixed guide rail brackets, though, are welded into place. Regardless, once installed, fixed guide rail brackets offer a permanent mounting solution for the guide rails with which they are used.

Adjustable guide rail brackets, on the other hand, can be adjusted. They are still used to mount guide rails; adjustment guide rail brackets simply allow for adjustments as well. They typically feature adjustment holes or slots. Using these adjustment holes or slots, you can change their dimensions or alignment angles.

Clamp-On Guide Rail Brackets

When shopping for guide rail brackets, you may come across clamp-on styles. Clamp-on guide rail brackets are characterized by the use of a clamping mechanism. They offer a quick and easy way to mount guide rails. Rather than using bolts or other fasteners — or even welding for that matter — you can install guide rails by clamping them into place.

What Are Guide Rail Brackets Made Of?

In addition to the aforementioned types, guide rail brackets are available in different materials. One of the most common materials in which they are made is polyamide.

Also known as nylon, polyamide is a type of synthetic plastic. It’s prized for its unique combination of strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. Guide rail brackets made of polyamide share these same benefits. They are strong, durable, and unlike metal brackets, they won’t rust or otherwise corrode.

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